What really happens when the beautiful sun goes down.

Ever heard Selena gomez’s song ‘When the sun goes down’? In that song, she talks about how a person comes back from work, all tired and then goes to a club with friends and has fun. But that does not really show how everyone is at night. There are people who come back home, smiling because their crush finally asked them out or said that they are beautiful; they hug a pillow or a simple teddy and fall asleep smiling,  smiling so hard that the next day their jaw hurts. There are some people who come back home thinking they can’t do it anymore; they can’t stay here, so they pack a bag and run. Just runaway from it all and into the darkness. There are some people who come from work or school who are so exhausted that they just simply hit the bed and snore. There are some people some people who come, bury their head in their pillow and cry and scream because they broke up. Some people just lay their on their thinking about good things that have recently happened to them. Some people fall asleep with their pet waiting for their lover to come back. Some people come home with a different lover every other night. Some people cut themselves and feel the pain. some people suicide to get over it all. Some people fall asleep wishing for a person to love them.
This could simply be the daily routine of some people. Or it could be a particular person’s life. Thats just how life is.
Love you loads,


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